The IT Side

Geplaatst op: 30-11-2016

I think we have all been there. That moment that you reluctantly have to call the helpdesk. You enter the number on your phone and take a deep breath. You hear the intro of the tape in which a monotone speaker tells you which choices you will have to make to get redirected to the right person on the other side. While waiting you drink the coffee or tea you got before the call. Knowing very well that this could take a while. You choose the number that best describes you problem and get connected: “Good morning, my name is Sasha, how can I help you this morning?”. It starts… 

We have all been there, dreading to have to get in touch with your IT department because your computer unexpected behaves differently than yesterday. You do everything you can NOT to call them. You ask colleagues if they have the same problem and only after you have tried everything BUT call you decide you have no choice. So you call.

Recognizable? Then I welcome you to read on. As I will post short stories to take you on a trip to the other side...the IT-side! Stay tuned for more!

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